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Torque Master Cam Program


Our Torque Master Cam program is close to complete. it is ready for release in its beta form. SBC and SBF sections are complete and fully functional. other areas are still in development but getting close to full readiness.  currently It will be given for free to Attendee's of our Seminars, along with future updates Until it is ready for release to the public.

upcoming seminat registration

This program is light-years ahead of any software available.

  Not only does it help you choose the camshaft specs it also specs all the optimal data for customize a power-plant to preform exactly as you desire for your application, from the intake port, rockers, valve springs, compression. additionally you will be able to predict much of the output data, peak torque, peak Horsepower, idle vacuum, idea peak RPM, dynamic compression to help you choose your fuel requirements so you will not have to compensate by retarding ignition timing, Minimum peak intake port cfm flow, and Idea intake port cc volume. 

  This is not a run of the mill desktop dyno. this  a state of the art engine design and spec program that lets you select components to give you as good and in many cases better results than that of a seasoned professional.

although on the conservative side it is simply accurate without exaggerations in predicting. If anything you being a proficient engine builder will likely exceed predictions

We will have a Video tutorial on how to best make use of this program coming soon. 

Here are some of screen shots below of a 383 work up that we are currently building as

a proof of concept model for a towing and economy application.

a full write up will be coming soon, along with dyno results to back up the Horsepower and torque predictions.

expecting about 17 + mpg from 89 octane pump fuel in a 3900 LB  pickup with a 3.42 rear ratio

a .70 overdrive 700r4 with lockup converter

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