Presenter David Vizard is primarily a highly experienced and
qualified engineer who, through his race successes, (won five championships in
one year) has become a university lecturer and a very widely published tech writer
with 37 books and over 4000 magazine article alone to his credit as well as a huge

David Vizard Auto Performance Seminars:-

Attending one of David Vizard’s performance seminars means you will be learning  from someone with a track record – hundreds in fact. His success credentials are far too extensive to list here but a look at just a few should give an idea of the experience this engine development engineer/driver has.

  • 37 published performance books with 5 publishers best sellers including titles required for first year performance engineering students at several top Universities. Also an international gold medal award (2013) for the best technical automotive book published.

  • The only tech writer, world wide, who has written books that, when introduced, allowed rank beginner engine builders to not only be competitive but also win a number of races against established pro’s. This can only be done by someone who extensively works on what they write about.

  • Over 4000 articles published in the main stream performance media – most were front cover features.

  • Is the developer responsible for of over 40 patents ranging from fuel additives to improved cylinder head designs use on F1 engines.

  • Best year as an engine builder achieved a combined 169 pole positions, track records, first places, and championship wins – from just 8 engines.

  • Has won multiple championships by winning every race in the series.

  • 58 years of flow bench experience. 52 years of dyno experience with over 500,000 dyno pulls.

  • As a driver has set track records on all but one track raced on in the UK (at that venue it was always raining!!)

  • Has been a consultant to GM, Aston Martin, Cosworth, McLaren, 3M’s, Kent Cams, Piper Cams, Crane Cams, Comp Cams, Iskey Cams, Chrysler UK, Ford UK, and many more.

  • Has, at the many universities he has lectured at, over the last 25 years achieved the #1 attendee satisfaction rating with an average (and almost unbeatable) score in excess of 99%.