David VizardDavid Vizard David Vizard is the most widely published authors on high performance engines in automotive history. He has also authored over 40 books, 6 of which have been publishers best sellers. He has over four decades of race experience with his best year as an engine builder netting a combined 169 first places, poles positions, lap records and championship titles. David carries out a lot of R&D for clients and for performance books / magazine articles and has over 4000 articles published on Performance and Race Engine Tech. He has his name on over 40 patents. He has personally built engines that have won well over 200 races at national and international level and guided or overseen engines that have accrued over 1000 race wins. He has driven to lap records on every major UK road race track bar one and has won 4 championships by winning every race in the series. He is Well known within the engineering industry for simplifying designs to cut production costs.