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GOODSON/VIZARD Automotive tech student Scholarship

january SEMINAR jan 17th, 18th, and 19th 2020


GOODSON/VIZARD " Automotive tech student Scholarship” STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP Sponsored by GOODSON Tools & Supplies We would like to thank Goodson for coming on board with us for the upcoming year to sponsor automotive and performance trade/tech school students to promote the career opportunities in the performance industry. Starting with the commitment to sponsor a scholarship of $325.00 (reducing the tuition from $525.00 TO $150.00  each for 2 students) in the next few seminars in 2020.

If you are an instructor in a vocational or performance automotive tech school/college Please contact us and encourage your top students that will benefit the most

new release

Induction optimization program

new for 2020 now supports flow test on 2, 3, 4, and 5 valve engines

We are proud to announce the release of the program long time in the making The head porting program written by porters for porters.

"IPO is not for just measuring port flow in CFM but to fully analyze the port design and flow characteristics. This program does for the average porter in minutes what used to take an F1 or Top Fuel engineer hours of calculation and engineering degree level of math for each flow test"

The advantages of IOP over any program available are:- Apart from delivering the port flow numbers (imperial or metric) IOP calculates many other factors including:- 

  • Airflow in CFM or metric.
  • Port flow efficiency.
  • Mean port velocity.
  • Port energy.
  • Specific port energy density.
  • Valve area.
  • Port area at the minimum point.
  • Port to valve area ratio’s (pop-up gives target range)
  • Calculates Port Mach #
  • Compares multiple heads both numerical and graphically.
  • Calculates peak power and shift rpm on your engine.
  • Takes bore and stroke and calculates Torque & HP from the test head.
  • Down-loads result sheet as a JPEG file if required

There are numerous pop-up comment boxes that steer the user to the optimum port characteristics. No other program will do this. Follow the recommendations and the user will produce top performing heads

They say a picture is worth a thousand words well if you watch these 2 video's below

they are worth at least 1,263,000 words


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If you have been thinking about attending one of our seminars, here is A brand new short video summary about the seminar.


What people-are saying

August 2017
Greg Baerresen commented
I Just wanted to say, I have read everything published, with your name on it. You are my favorite author. A trusted authority. In a world of miss information. Thanks for the education. Greg


(May 2017 Seminar)

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent time at David Vizard’s seminar. It was a great weekend that was jammed packed with solid performance information. I’m looking forward to applying this newly acquired information and porting techniques to my business. The seminar probably gave me a good 5 years of R&D experiences. With the help of reading David’s books and reviewing that information with David, I can safely guarantee, I’ll be able to provide my clients with better performance gains than previously offered.

I also wanted to mention something that helped me get the most out of David’s seminar, that might help any future attendees. I would recommend they take the time to read, or review his book on “How To Build Horsepower”. It definitely helped me dial in my questions, so I could get the most from the seminar.

Kind regards,

Brent J Scott

Philip Turbo-Mini I went to the seminar he gave at Swansea university in 2011. Excellent weekend.

Amanda Moke Great article. It cuts through and to the core of a lot of the BS 'politics' of marketing. It is a shame that so many times, great engineering, based upon proper principals, backed up with tests (or tests that have resulted in great engineering!) get 'shouted down' by those with the loudest voices and all too often, the most closed (& small) minds.
(January 2017 seminar)
Terry Howel I attended the January seminar. It was the best 3 day schooling I have ever attended! I have been to many industrial schools over the years. This was by far the best. I would suggest it to anyone. I thought I'd be lost but the info was presented in easy to understand ways.

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